• Remodeling Trends: 5 takeaways on How the Pandemic has changed remodeling

    as told to The Washington Post

    When asked to participate in The Washington Post’s Home Front online chat with staff writer Jura Koncius on June 3, 2021, Anthony Wilder, founder and Principal of Anthony Wilder Design/Build, had a lot to share. One thing he knows for sure – the pandemic has created a boom in the remodeling industry, while also prompting […]

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  • Six Tips to Make Your Great Room Even Greater

    How to get the most out of your great room

    The kitchen has long been a home’s central gathering place. But as we’re working and playing inside more than ever, the kitchen is getting some serious competition from the great room. Find out how you can make this new favorite spot even greater.   During the day, we’re retreating to our separate corners to get work done […]

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    A stylist shares her top tips for making your home cheerful and inviting this holiday season

    Dannye Bush, Anthony Wilder’s photo shoot stylist, shares her top tips to fill your home with holiday cheer this season.

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  • Project Story: Low-Key Luxury

    Renovation brings balance and light back to a home

    As the children grew up, this family needed a home that could handle the full spectrum of life, from busy breakfasts to elegant entertaining.

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  • Unique Design Details

    Ideas for features that can set your home apart

    The best part of a home renovation or interior design project may be finding that one perfect piece, solution, or color. Check here for some recent inspirations.

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  • Why Hire An Architect?

    Three reasons you want to have an architect on your home renovation

    What can an architect do for you? Save your dreams, for starters. Here’s how.

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  • Home Lighting Wisdom

    Consider these three lighting principles, and watch your whole house design come alive

    More light isn’t always better, and more unconventional wisdom from architects and interior designers about how to work with this elusive but essential design element.

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