On vacation? Now is a good time to plan next Summer’s Renovation

How long do home projects really take? When do you need to begin to be ready for next summer?

Picture the first warm weekend of the year. Everybody is outside, and you’re looking at your cracked patio, overgrown hedges, and sinking deck, wishing you had tackled that renovation last summer.

We’ve all been there, but don’t let it happen to you again next year. Whether you’re looking to fix up the back yard for a 4th of July BBQ, get your guest room ready for summer visitors, or renovate your vacation home, we have explained what you can expect, so you can start planning now.

An Interior Design Refresh

In as little as a few months, you can have a fresh look in any room of your house. Fresh paint, new finishes, furniture, and some thoughtful details can transform a space without any construction.  Remember that custom cabinetry and furniture require special order adding a longer lead-time, so it’s important to account for that as well, not just the length of the installation.

From the light hues of the room to the wooden mallard and whimsical sailboat, this space exudes a relaxing summer vibe.

Exterior Facelifts and Renovations

Does the façade of your house need a face lift? Is the backyard begging for better flow and function? Don’t wait for warm weather to break ground, winter is the perfect time to start planning to be ready for summer entertaining. A fresh coat of paint, landscaping, and custom trim work can transform your house, and can happen in a few months. More extensive projects like pools, decks, and outdoor kitchens can take months, so get started in the winter months. If you want to jump into your new pool on Memorial Day, you should be making your first phone call to us in the fall.

Think your backyard isn’t big enough for a pool? Think again! This lap pool runs parallel to the house, so the pool is visible from nearly every room inside, even though the yard is very shallow.
If entertaining is your end goal, ample seating is key. We created distinct areas across various levels of hardscaping in this blissful Washington, DC backyard.
Designed to incorporate natural materials, such as a custom stone bench and firepit, a new pool and pool house in Bethesda, MD are inviting and tranquil.

Interior Renovation – Kitchens and Bathrooms

Interior remodels such as kitchens and bathrooms involve the expertise of all of our team members working together: the architect who designs the space, the builders and craftsmen who bring it to life and the kitchen and bath designers and interior designers who think through every detail and selection along the way. From the initial design consultation to the final walkthrough, planning is key.

The hand cut and colored porcelain tile that extends up to the ceiling on the rear wall of this kitchen reflects and mimics the movement of the water outside, creating a fresh and summery feel.
Floor-to-ceiling windows and a glass rail between the kitchen and living room allow for an unobstructed view to the lake outside of this Reston, VA vacation home.
While there is not a water view from these bathrooms, the materials, finishes and decor evoke feelings of summer, vacation or relaxation.

There’s Only One Way to Know

Every project is different and many factors determine the timeline. If you’re just beginning to think about taking on a home renovation, and want to know more about what that entails, we’d be happy to answer your questions and provide an initial consultation. When next summer comes around, we want you to be ready to kick-back, relax, and enjoy your home.

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